Chat cu Mark Pellington – regizorul videoclipului Final Masquerade (LINKIN PARK)

„Final Masquerade” este cel de-al treilea single promovat de trupa Linkin Park și extras de pe albumul „The Hunting Party”. Piesa beneficiază de un videoclip cu o puternică încărcătură simbolistică, pe care am încercat să o deslușim, în această seară, alături de regizorul clipului – Mark Pellington, în cadrul chat-ul organizat de Linkin Park Underground (LPU). 

După featuring-ul exploziv cu Rakim pentru „Guilty All The Same” și videoclipul piesei „Until It’s Gone”, băieții de la Linkin Park au lansat un nou single – „Final Masquerade”.


Însoțit de un videoclip care te pune pe gânduri, prin puternica încărcătură simbolistică pe care o are, „Final Masquerade” este printre puținele clipuri Linkin Park care nu poartă semnătura regizorului și DJ-ului trupei – Joseph Hahn

În regia lui Mark Pellington și sub bagheta editorului Jacquelyn London, videoclipul a fost filmat în luna iunie în mai multe locații din California. Filmările au durat două zile, s-a muncit la foc continuu, echipa de producție numărând peste 50 de persoane. 

L-am întrebat pe Mark de unde s-a născut ideea videoclipului. Răspunsul său, ieșit din zona banalităților cu care m-am întâlnit de atâtea ori în interviuri, m-a fascinat:

„I just listened to the music and let my brain open, it’s different state of mind. I close my eyes, I listen to music, and I let go inside of my. I wrote down 50 images or so in 3 hours. Images that come out of feelings my brain is accessing during my personal connection to music.”, says Mark Pellington.  

„Am ascultat piesa și mi-am deschis mintea, creierul, către o altă dimensiune mentală. Mi-am închis ochii, am ascultat muzica și m-am lăsat pătruns de ea. Am pus pe foaie aproximativ 50 de imagini în trei ore. Sunt imagini vizuale care s-au născut din sentimentele pe care creierul meu le-a accesat în timpul conexiunii mele cu muzica.”, declară Mark Pellington

Detalii despre scenariul, simbolistica și personajele din cel mai recent videoclip Linkin Park – „Final Masquerade”, aflați direct de la regizorul Mark Pellington, în transcriptul chat-ului de astăzi.

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markp (11:09): There were symbols of angels , demons, adam and eve. The angel was also a mother and a devil
Garatoalp1 (3:10): hey mark, what part did you find most difficult to be produced?
markup (11:10): Garatoalp1: nothing was difficult because I trusted my instincts. I didn’t think too uch so I had fun. Physically it was a challenging shoot though.
markp (11:10): I was exhausted after the first day of shooting
markp (11:11): pricishizzlevlblackbird – the baby represents our innocence and is directly appropriate from the Jonathan glazier film “under the skin”
markp (11:11): although I’m sure it’s not the first time anybody has shot a crying child – such raw power and vulnerability
markp (11:11): I love that it was spitting and had to get picked up to heal
markp (11:12): it was not storyboard or planned, it was organically emerged
markp (11:12): Honestly as I’ve been reading that word, in no way in my 10 page treatment did that word come across I think some of the locations, the rubble, the graffiti, may lead one to think it was apocalyptic
markp (11:13): if an abandoned mall in Hawthrone, CA is the US version of the apocalypse…
markp (11:16): This piece is a great cousin to my Nine inch video, “we’re in this together,” you can watch my cut on my website
markp (11:16): Re: Funny or Bizarre moments – none, I was too focused
markp (11:17): RE: The young boy – all of the characters represent certain feelings or themes and the boy wanted comfort from his mother and peace with his after, despite difficult relationship with both
markp (11:18): The men in the white suits jumping off the cliff represent surrender, letting go, a very subtle underpinning of 9/11 came out of me in that location. We had adam and eve sitting on the sets, so there was a lot of emotion about sin and surrender
markp (11:19): all great archetypes to play with abstractly and allow people to find their own meaning in
markp (11:20): eduaradoalemida: I LOVE BRAZIL! Would love to come to brazil and shoot more videos
markp (11:21): matheuspinheiro: Absolutely, everyone should see what they want to see and feel what they want to feel
markp (11:21): There is a lot of room in the video for self exploration
markp (11:22): I was just saw two of the most beautiful galleries in Florence and was just BLOWN AWAY – finding my own stories in the eyes of the people in each painting
markp (11:23): There are so many pieces of humanity in the video – the goal is to feel, to allow people to see and feel, but the end result is about healing
markp (11:24): redchichiedotabledarkness is the video more like a collage or does all those scenes work together as one story? There is a beginning middle and end for each character
markp (11:24): Does it help for me to include the question?
markp (11:25): Love Spain and Luxembourg – Mothman Prophecies was big there! Will be in barcelona next week!
markp (11:25): kaimdl: Mark to which degree was the band involved in the creative aspect of the video? Mike and Joe gave a really good interview to MTV news about this, I will post a link on my twitter later today.
markp (11:26): deadzeezorn @Mark : there was a flying airplane, a coincidence? We were shooting near an airport, but the genius edition Jackie London worked them in a beautiful way – it brought up a lot of emotions about 9/11
markp (11:27): Things in the global psyche – the escalators, the sense of abandonment, loss, decay
markp (11:28): heloisamion: What has changed over the years as director? like now the videos are on social networks, in the past they were only made for tv? A: The screens have changed, the distribution has changed, but as a filmmaker it is the same process.
markp (11:28): although knowing your work will be seen on a phone instead of a big screen is a bummer
markp (11:29): do you watch music videos on a phone? iPad? Desktop? Laptop? or TV? Very interested
markp (11:30): dianaciobotea: How did you come up with this amazing idea? What did inspire you? – I just listened to the music and let my brain open, it’s different state of mind. I close my eyes, I listen to music, and I let go inside of my. I wrote down 50 images or so in 3 hours
markp (11:30): Images that come out of feelings my brain is accessing during my personal connection to music
markp (11:32): Any tips for the aspiring director? A: Keep making things, keep discovering ideas, watch movies, watch videos, ask questions, study all the art forms. Shoot the visuals, write, and express yourself creatively. Don’t let anybody tell you no.
markp (11:33): @markp How long did it take to film & edit the video? A: It was a two day shoot. We accomplished a lot in two days! the editing took about 10 days, Jackie London is a great editor. I have to give a lot of credit to her. She is GREAT.
markp (11:34): jenniferhardy1: @markp who influenced you to become a music video director? Was there someone you admired growing up? A: William Burroughs. I started a very, very long time ago before most of you were born. I am an old man. When I started, videos were jus starting. I made my first one in 1986, ancient history.
markp (11:35): dianaciobotea: Is there a global message that you want to transmit through this video? A: The fact that I’m talking to people around the world, I’m seeing that music and imagery transcends all borders
markp (11:35): The bottom line is that it is a GREAT song, all I was doing was brining it to life visually.
markp (11:37): laurab: @markp What kind of music did you like as child? A: Check out KCRW 5 most important songs in my life…will post a link to twitter later. The Smiths “How Soon is Now”
markp (11:39): elifonay: Any upcoming videos? YES two of them – shooting Echosmith “Cool Kids” next week and a very very cool one for Cage The Elephant “Cigarette Daydreams” is shot and will come out soon
markp (11:40): linkinparkfob: how professional are linking park? A: Extremely professional
markp (11:41): I love Linkin Park!
markp (11:42): matheuspinheiro: Mark, other themes emerged while working in the clip? A: Every idea found its way in there.
markp (11:43): It is late where I am, so I am off to bed
markp (11:43): Thank you all so much for chatting with me, this was truly an amazing experience.
markp (11:44): Any French fans out there? I am in Paris
markp (11:46): Thank you all again, I think so much music is about escapism and this song is pretty earnest and heartfelt. I think people respond to that. That’s the kind of energy the world needs.
markp (11:46): You can see more of my work on lots of videos
markp (11:46): Bye!

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Photo Credit: Brandon Cox