Happy Birthday, dear Chester Bennington!

LINKIN PARK’S lead singer, Chester Bennington is turning 37 today! If by any chance, you’re gonna enter this blog, man, I have just only wish: „May the voice be with you always!” 😉


Chester Bennington – photo from Last.fm

37th years ago, Chester Charles Bennington was yelling for the 1st time in his life in a maternity from Phoenix, Arizona. 😀 Having an elder brother, Brian, who was strongly passionate about music, Chester early discovered bands like Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots. At that time he was only dreaming of being part of a rock band and with the passing of the time, while being in highschool, he became a member of „Sean Dowdell and His Friends” which later splited and was continued with Chester and his best friend Sean, under the name of „Grey Daze”.

After passing with flying colours his audition to LINKIN PARK (Xero at that time), several changes took place in Chester’s life: moving from Arizona to California, touring all over the world, gaining everybody’s appreciation for his powerful & angelic voice. The fact that he was appreciated for his voice & that he became able to transmit his feelings in such a pure way directly to his listeners, these helped Chester moving on and overcoming his chidhood dramas and addictions. But enough with the storytelling! What do you say, wouldn’t it be better to hear the story of LINKIN PARK right from the guys, through an interview dated in 2001? 😀

Now, after 14 years, he is considered to be one of the best singers of the world. Besides, he is the father of 5 children & a very warm & kind guy. At least, this is my impression and I won’t change it, until I’m gonna meet him like I did with Slash. Don’t forget: I care about dreams and makin’ them real, so even the impossible is possible for me. 😉

With over 50 million sold copies of their five studio albums, winners of three Grammy trophies, LINKIN PARK reunites six highly-skilled musicians & a wonderful team behind them, all being extremely down-to-Earth persons, making a difference whithin the rock bands!

In the end, I invite you to listen to „Crawl back in„one of the singles from Dead by Sunrise, Chester’s side project. 😉 ROCK ON!!!

PS: Thanks Chazy, for the most wonderful present received in my life so far! Hope to see ya again, guys, really soon!

Check it out here: my concert gift right from Chester Bennington