MEET Slash & The Conspirators

Hello, MUSIC PASS readers! It might look strange to some of you that this post is written in English, but I’ve got the strong feeling of having to do something for my readers outside Romania. 🙂

Beloved audience, dear friends & acquaintances, one month ago I’ve had the time of my life because I got the UNBELIEVABLE chance to meet one of my all time favourite artists: SLASH! 😀 Unfortunately for me, I’m writing about this joyful moment after a month because of the very little free time that I’m having in this first half of 2013 (finishing my studies in Journalism in three months). Even so, I think it’s better later than never. 🙂

Diana & Slash - 5th of Feb 2013

Diana & Slash – 5th of Feb 2013

Slash (lead guitar), alongside Myles Kennedy (lead vocals) & Todd Kerns (bass & backing vocals), Brent Fitz (drums) and Frank Sidoris (rhythm guitar ), the three guys from The Conspirators, have rocked the stage of Sala Palatului at Bucharest. The five American rockers & their wonderful crew have arrived in the capital of our country during their Apocaliptic Love tour on 5th of February 2013. It was for the 1st time when Slash came to Romania, so it was for the other guys.

The concert was ELECTRIFYING! And that’s all I’m gonna say about it, because the other journalists have already covered the event. I’m gonna tell you the story behind the scenes, the experience of meeting Slash in person! 😀

How I met Slash

I was one of the fortunate persons to meet Slash & The Conspirators. Yeah, just the four of them, ‘cause Myles was taking a shower. 😛 Right after the show, me & the other 5 girls, lucky possesors of an Aftershow Meet badge, waited for half an hour in the first row of Sala Palatului, till The Conspirators „conspired” for a memorable meeting.  😀 The first one that I have met was Todd Kerns. Amazing guy! 🙂 We’ve spoken about so many different topics in 15 minutes that we seemed to know each other for centuries. 😉

Next, Brent Fitz introduced himself to me! 🙂 We had a catchy conversation about the American Music Industry, focusing on rock bands and touring. The last, but not least „conspirator” was Frank Sidoris. He’s the newcomer in the band formula, after Slash’s Auditions. Even though I found him quite a sensitive guy, sociable and very kind, I can’t get out of my mind those crazy moments from the concert when he and Todd do that headbanging duo! 😀

Curious how Frankie entered the band? 🙂 Check it out:

After half an hour of chatting with these three friendly guys, I’ve entered the backstage, my favourite place from all the concerts since I’m aware of myself. 😀  „Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” could’ve been heard from the hall. I joined the large crowd composed of the organisers from Phoenix Entertainment and Slash’s crew. They were celebrating one of the roadies. After this „big  music family” moment, Slash has entered the room. Everybody in there greeted him. He was followed by The Conspirators. We’ve gathered together for some pictures. Here’s the moment, captured thanks to Phoenix Entertainment! 😀

  Phoenix Entertainment with Diana, Slash & The Conspirators

After taking this group picture, I’ve introduced myself to Slash *can’t even believe what I’m writing, feels like a dream*. 😀 Firstly, I’ve told him that my adolescence has been marked by his music, throughout my early years of being a rocker, spending time with my old palls. *Biro, thought of you when said that to him, man! 😉

Well, right after he asked me if I do something connected to music. I’ve told him about my blog and about the other music projects that I’m into, but also about my intentions to study abroad. I’ve also asked him a few questions about how things are moving on in the music industry. Through all these minutes I’ve noticed he was gazing to me and kind of smiling. I wondered what happened. He just said „You remember me…” but didn’t finish the phrase,  cause we had to smile at the camera for the photo together. I’ve thanked him for his time.

After that he went to the other guys from the band and a few minutes later I’ve noticed the four of them talking while starring at me. I’ve joined them again into the discussion, when I found out that my English accent remembered him about another Romanian fan that he met years ago! And I was like WOW! 😀

WOW was all that night! Judging from their impression about the crowd from Bucharest & regarding all their Romanian experience, the guys will be back ASAP. 🙂 Can’t wait for their next concert & for the future events so professionally organised by Phoenix Entertainment. Gotta tell you that Slash’s concert was their first big gig and they did a really great job! Congrats, Phoenixes & thanks for bringing amazing musicians to Romania! 😉